Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cheap Nokia E71x Phone

Nokia E71x Phone

Technical Details
Svelte smartphone with full QWERTY keyboard and access to corporate communication via Microsoft Exchange
Compatible with AT&T Navigator GPS, Video Share, AT&T Mobile Music, and streaming video from Cellular Video service
3.2-megapixel camera/camcorder; stereo Bluetooth; Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g); MicroSD expansion to 8 GB
Up to 5 hours of talk time, up to 500 hours (20.8 days) of standby time
What's in the Box: handset, battery, charger, data cable, printed user manual and getting started guide

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  1. Focusing on the PHONE, May 8, 2009

    I never like it when people complain about a problem with "the plan" when doing a review for the phone. It is irrelevant.
    With that being said, I own an E71-2 unlocked NA. While there is some features taken out, this is easily AT&Ts top tier phones and one of the best phones on the market, which honestly other carriers have not kept up with (save for t-mobile's G1 and soon Sprint's Pre).
    The phone is comparable, not so much to an i-phone, but a blackberry, as the phone is pure business.
    But its also FAST and reliable.
    I have had very few glitches with the e71, symbian has been around long enough to become effecient and refined, even though its not always pretty. While they did take out some nice features from this phone, most have remained.
    With that being said, I still think the e71 is a better phone to buy unlocked, but for the .01 entry fee, its probably the best entry phone out there. Largely because its internet browser capability is excellant (skyfire is notably great), but also because in terms of smart phones, nothing matches it features save for the bold. I would highly suggest this phone, and would urge people to pass on the Fuze or any other WinMo phone, and go with this phone. This is a better option.
    With that being said, if you are going to be using this for business purposes, I would use the money you saved buying this free phone, and invest in Roadsync, which is a proper push email program. While this does have push email, its not fully capable...Roadsync is a great third party software for exchange that makes the phone fully capable.

    Also this is probably the most sturdy phone on the market, thanks to its metal casing, it can take much abuse. It is great that AT&T is re-introducing symbian smart phones in such an elegant package. Its a great phone.
    With everything being said, this great phone is mostly all business. Its great for that though.

  2. best smartphone out there, August 12, 2008
    first a comparison to the e61i: i had both the e61 and e61i and this is a major improvement over both. the form factor is incredible as it is only 10mm thin, much narrower than its predecessors, and feels very solid and sleek with its all metal body. the phone is just beautiful to look at. nokia has improved its processor greatly and the phone has almost no wait time with all its functions now. when i went back to use the e61i, it was unbearably slow compared to the e71. the keypad on the e71, although a little cramped, feels good on the fingers. one of my biggest complaints about the e61i was that earphone speaker was hard to hear out of, but the e71's narrower body and seemingly louder speaker solves the problem. the e71 has also added a microUSB port, and 2.5mm earphone jack. in terms of software, the e71 has an updated symbian os that includes some additional features and programs that were pleasant to see. the biggest program improvements for me was the updated organizer and the shortcut key options. for all e61 and e61i users out there, the e71 is a must update to nokia's wonderful line of phones.

    comparison to competitors: function-wise, it has all the features blackberry's and the iphone 3g have. however, the e71 is much smaller than both (just put the e71 side to side with the blackberry curve and the iphone and they both look like monsters compared to the e71). i have no complaints with the 3g and 3.5g (umts/hsdpa), and I'm not sure what the other reviewer was talking about-- it must be a network/area dependent problem. i live in the SF bay area and i almost always connect to the 3.5g network with att and the internet is extremely fast, comparable to web browsing on a computer with broadband cable access. i really dont like the all touch screen of the iphone, so i would never consider it. i was debating between the curve and e71, but e71 beats it in both function and form-factor. the e71 has a umts/hsdpa, 3mp camera, and better battery life. all the rest (OS mainly) is just up to personal preference.

    concluding remarks: if you ask "why should I get the e71", i would answer with these points based on what "I" feel is most important:
    - very fast 3G capability
    - excellent size, feel, and look,
    - speedy processor with no lag in navigation
    - improved OS and great computer connection software (nokia pc suite)
    - long battery life
    - 3MP camera with flash
    - comes with carrying case, carrying strap, stereo earphones, and data cable
    - and lastly, did i mention that this is the most beautiful i have ever seen? see one for yourself (i know its hard b/c they dont really have them in stores) and you will love the look and feel of it.